Friday, December 12, 2008

If you think that we are spiritual beings having a human experience then that automatically changes the way in which you view life. For me I find that when bad things happen and we say almost to ourselves, that's just life, then we seem to be accepting that stuff happens. If we accept that all the stuff in our lives is for our own good, than we know that the day will come that our human experience must end. That is the birth we call Death. Life is short, a temporary experience where we learn to follow gods plan. When we return to his presence he may ask us how was your life? If we respond well it was life.... Will that really be an adequate response. Will he be well pleased with us if we can only say it was a life. If we think about this, we really only have one shoot to get it right. So, for me I a going to take this next year and try harder to get it right. TO look at life as a joyful experience and embrace all the bad as I embrace all the good.

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