Tuesday, November 25, 2008



Dark fog
Freezes the light
the words of lips fall frozen
Mindless thoughts swim in darkness
Screaming with no fear of being heard

Left to brew yestradays thoughts crash
A sea of emotions and thoughts fill the void
no person is left
all is gone
Only the mist of fog remains as the dawn rises
the mind left to roam free



The faces of strange raindrops
Come crashing to the ground
Washed away
Never to be seen or known
I am among those face raindrops
Silently disappearing in the damp night
The endless unheard screams
Echoing in the deaf silence

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I believe that there is an alternative universe where little men ( women have better things to do) sit and push buttons that cause computers to self destruct. Its a travesty! But... What to do. Nothing you can do, other than sit at your computer and watch your beloved as it self destructs taking with it your very life and metaphorical soul. With no way to assist in its emergency medical care your huddle over the failing machine and bid all you know farewell.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I am taking a U.S. History and Culture class and today we were discussing Victorian Ways in America. It was interesting that the idea that social reform occurs as they spread the WASP (white Anglo Saxon protestant) ideals. It seems that this is still how the world views itself. That one group ( the one that whoever.... belongs to) feels that it is right and superior in its way of life and beliefs. That they must create social change and reform by spreading their ideals. While I think that the sharing of ideas is great, but when those around us come off as this is the only way in which to believe or act we are discrediting the beliefs of others. I may not believe as some of my dearest friends, but they are in my view still children of a loving Heavenly Father. With that said, there are times and place in which standing up and saying enough is what is needed. We need to stand up for what we believe and preserve the way of life that we each desire. It is our right and duty as American citizens to remain free and live our lives as we choose.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Recently I have been doing some deep thinking. Which at times is kinda scary. I find that my mind seems to focus on all that is negative around me. I have a belief that gives me strenght and desire to find the peace that can only come through righteous living. Even that is difficult in the crazy world that I live in. I was thinking that to be positive is a monumental task. If one person sets out to have a positive day with no negativity and no negative self talk what could be the outcome of such a choice. It seems to me that I am very guilty of looking at things through a lens of doubt and mistrust. If I can start out by having just one hour of positiveness and then incorporate that into my daily life I think that eventually change will happen.
Looking at the days as they run into each other I am feeling that it shouldn't be November and a week away from Thanksgiving. I am concerned that life is just a all consuming ball of fire. I need to find a safe place where I am protected from the smoky haze that is all around.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Middle of the Night.

The aimless words that flow from my often too busy mind seem jumbled and confused. It is the time of night when its finally quiet. I should be sleeping, but I can't quiet the voices in my head are loud enough to keep me from drifting off to the sweet release that sleep would certainly bring. Nothing seems to be of great importance and time is a place that never seems to leave me alone.
Perhaps I am not well. I don't feel ill but one can never know for sure if ones mind is in working order or not. It seems that I am aimlessly roaming a sea of books and pencils. I am just overcome by all that seems to be ahead on this road called life.
I think that perhaps I am not standing as close to what I believe as perhaps I portray. Could I be deceiving myself and all those around me. Could I be just a really good liar and not even be who I say that I am. I am tired. Blankness overcomes me and the morning comes fast. I am finding hope a heavy burden. It is all the world in one small word.