Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I am taking a U.S. History and Culture class and today we were discussing Victorian Ways in America. It was interesting that the idea that social reform occurs as they spread the WASP (white Anglo Saxon protestant) ideals. It seems that this is still how the world views itself. That one group ( the one that whoever.... belongs to) feels that it is right and superior in its way of life and beliefs. That they must create social change and reform by spreading their ideals. While I think that the sharing of ideas is great, but when those around us come off as this is the only way in which to believe or act we are discrediting the beliefs of others. I may not believe as some of my dearest friends, but they are in my view still children of a loving Heavenly Father. With that said, there are times and place in which standing up and saying enough is what is needed. We need to stand up for what we believe and preserve the way of life that we each desire. It is our right and duty as American citizens to remain free and live our lives as we choose.


Olsen Potter said...

The thing that I find interesting about WASP is how much of our county is based off of those values. The whole beginning of our country (well one aspect of it anyway) was religious freedom. We began as a country that wanted freedoms for all people. We were all created equal...or so says the Constitution. So the idea that one group would feel that their believes is better, or righter (if I can use the word), goes against everything that our forefathers dreamed this country would be.
Through out our history (especially the history of the church) those ideals haven't always been espoused; rarely have we ever upheld that lofty ideal. Perhaps the change that we are seeing in the White House and through the country will been about a new vision of those ideals and maybe (this is looking on the bright side of change instead of the doom and gloom side of it) we as American will finally be able to accept each other as brothers; not as religious brothers, or even as racial brothers, but as American brothers.

Anne HIll said...

If the ideas of a free people and free country are what we seek, then why do we spend so much time tearing down other peoples beliefs. I am personally tired of having to live up to what other people expect of me. I would like to be able to just be who I am with having to justify my actions to anyone but my heavenly father.
Pehaps with the change of the nations leaders and my own personal changes that are occuring life will look a bit better soon.